Happy 2017!

A new chapter begins upon successfully entering the call center industry last December 14, 2017 and officially hired on January 7, 2017.
Welcome to the industry with a happy year 2017. Hoping with God's help, I will do my best to create customer's experience insanely great and with honesty. Thanks for having part of Alorica family. :D

Welcome 2016!

The last two quarters of year 2015 have been more fun and exciting. I just move in to stay, to live and to work in Metro Manila for the latest chapter of my life --as Field Researcher. This year, it will be more fun, more exciting and more energy while on the move. Yet, behind this, a new better version of me will be more developed, enhanced and trained as years go by.

I will try to do some blogging, which you can read later at blogs.gerryyabes.com about these experiences and so on and so forth. So keep it locked and hooked on here on my website. Keep in touch at 09205449825 or inbox@gerryyabes.com.


Gerry Yabes

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Welcome to GerryYabes.com!

Another year of blessings is finally here. Welcome to my small world in the World Wide Web, welcome to GerryYabes.com. This year, I will be celebrating my first teenage year in the church, this March 12th, I'll be turning to 13 years with God's help. Continuing what I was started more than a decade ago and beyond if still permitted.

Since the start of this year, I go on gray photos on my Facebook account and on my Twitter account at least for the rest of the year to signify something what the color meant. My Wikipedia editing is on-going on some articles related to my interests, also trying to be one of the board of the Wikimedia Philippines, atleast a good try if not a success one.

Social Media Philippines is on set this year as the official owner the groups and pages of 1,494 towns, 144 cities, 81 provinces and 17 regions of the Philippines in social media giant Facebook. To give you an overview, you may join Metro Manila (Philippines) group, and like Metro Manila, Philippines for a start.

There is an on-going viola practice thrice a week. See schedule below. Once I get the chance to work in Metro Manila, everything will be put into place specially my duty as a member of the orchestra in Pampanga. For now, I am doing my duties and responsibilities as a locale officer at my present station.

Let's get connected, you may send email to inbox@gerryyabes.com [inbox (at) gerryyabes (dot) com], call or SMS me at +63.927.442.3814 for anything you want to ask. 


Gerry Yabes

PS: If you contact me by email, you should receive an almost immediate return receipt (at least 10 minutes), and a substantive reply within one week.
If you don't, it's safe to assume you're being ignored. You can reach me out through mobile number which will increase the odds of success.
Calls/SMS may only be entertained from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM time frame. Thank you very much.

Welcome to My Website

Hi! My name is Gerry Yabes from the Philippines... a place like no other. 


Please have a look around the site and drop me an email on your thoughts. I’m also keen to hear of other issues that you think I should be looking into.

To know more about me, please visit my Biography. But if you plan to hire me, you may read the interview section which I think may help you to decide the job application. In case you need to setup a personal website, can I help you? Please send me a message.

At present, I am on doing some searching topics regarding music and other interesting ideas under the sun including writing articles on my blogs and contributing articles to Wikipedia. Thank you very much for your time.


Gerry Yabes

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