Gerry Portales Yabes
, (born October 18, 1983 baptized March 12, 2002) is a graduate of Information Technology at STI Ilagan in 2003. Yabes was a
 student of La Verdad Christian College in Apalit, Pampanga and took AB Broadcasting. Gerry is a polygot and he can speak Filipino, English and Spanish. He also speak Ilocano and Ilonggo, the country's local languages.

Childhood Years

His parents are Isagani Dollente Yabes (1953) and Milagros Calantoc Portales (1964) both residents of Isabela province. He has two siblings Mary Grace Portales Yabes (1986) and Maila Ging Portales Yabes (1990). His siblings were born in the province of Negros Occidental. Marry Grace is married to Ali Nayef Suliman Hreshaat, a Jordanian national in 2012. Their first daughter was born on October 09, 2012 named Lina Alexa. The family is planning to move residency at Tarlac province.

Elementary Education (1990-1996)

His first step to education was in Don Vicente Lopez Elementary School in San Enrique, Negros Occidental where he spent his elementary grades one to three. During that time, he was able to do hilot with the family's neighbors whenever their throat was injured in eating fish. His notable classmate that time was Charlie Balbin and Cheryl Balacanao. He was able to speak fluently in Ilonggo dialect in school, and Ilocano language at home that time. When his parents decide to go back to Isabela province, he continued studying at Casilagan Elementary School in Ilagan, Isabela for grades four until graduation. He was able to develop his skills in drawing and garnered first place in classroom level and he represented his school in Ilagan South District's drawing competition.

High School Life (1997-2001)

Yabes enrolled in the town's public school, the famous Isabela National High School, established in 1904, one of the leading high school institutions if not in the province but in the region. There at the school he met new classmates like Eric Anog (from Gamu, Isabela) and Arjay Julian (Ilagan, Isabela) during the early days freshman high school of section 12. Then two weeks later, Yabes was moved to section 11 with his class adviser Mr. Oscar Aggabao. He was determined to achieve good grades for the whole year that's why, his sophomore year, he was listed in section four. He and Charlie Balbin became classmates again with his class adviser Mrs. Yolanda Sales. Junior and senior years, he was then both at section two, he became top one in class and joined competitions in the campus. He graduated high school as the third honor commendable of his class. His class advisers were Mr. Victor Martinez (third year) and Mrs. Venicita Gaspar (fourth year).

In 2001, he was advised by his father to take up Civil Engineering under the scholarship program of the Municipality of Ilagan, but he pursued to take up two-year course in Information Technology at STI Education Center.

College Years and Beyond

STI Ilagan (2001-2003)

Yabes took up two-year Diploma course in Information Technology at STI Ilagan. In 2002, he was elected Vice President of SBO, a student governing organization in his school. In March, 2003 he joined in the Isabela Provincial Skills Olympics, he garnered third place in  under the coaching of Mr. Jay R. Francisco (computer instructor of STI Ilagan), the late Mr. Julius P. Miranda and Ms. Janet M. Valenzuela. He became a member of the STI Alumni Assocation in 2003.

La Verdad Christian College (2009-2010)

He availed the scholarship program sponsored by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon at La Verdad Christian College in Apalit, Pampanga. He took up the Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting from June, 2009 to October, 2010. There he participated the Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run in January 23, 2010 and January 22, 2012 both at Pasay City, Metro Manila.

He co-authored the term paper entitled "A Comparative Study Between SMS-Based Alert and the Traditional Bulletin Board of La Verdand Christian College" dated March, 2010 (you can download the term paper below this page). His co-authors were Marben B. Adova and Mary Ann A. Patria. The paper gained a rating of 90% score, the highest score among papers submitted by first year to second year students combined under the subject Writing in the Discipline of Miss Carolinne P. Laguinto, the College Directress.

The Introduction to Mass Communication class project Timeline in Philippine Television was created by Yabes which can be viewed online and his classmate Evita Lovedoreal for the hard copy version (tarpaulin format). The project was submitted to Ms. Laguinto as a requirement on the subject but she preferred the online format. The project is viewed over 680 times with a rating of five (5) stars by netizens worldwide.

Online Classes (2012-Present)

Yabes is no longer attending school since October, 2010. But with the aid of new technology, he is now enrolled in online courses through scholarships funded by various Universities in the United States like the Princeton University's Introduction to Sociology with Professor Mitchell Duneier with full college accreditation. His interest in music made him enrolled too in Berklee College of Music courses with various professors in the field. He has now the chance to meet classmates online through class interaction.

Work Experiences (2003-Present)

Upon graduation, he was recommended by Mr. Rolando B. Fernandez, (COO of STI Ilagan) to join STI Ilagan in bringing computer education to as many as interested students in Information Technology. He was hired by STI Ilagan and became the school's librarian. In November, 2003 he attends the STI Laboratory Facilitators Training at STI College Muños-Edsa. He participated in the STI's 2004 and 2007 Quick Count during the National and Midterm elections. He attended other training on Retention and Migration Intervention Programs (2005) and Librarian's Training (2006) both sponsored by STI. He also attended training conducted by TESDA, Gender Sensitivity Trainers in TVET and Entrepreneurship (2005) and TVET Forum (2008).

In 2011, he joined the Talavera Group of Companies in Cauayan City until December 8, 2011. He was the Team Leader-Supervisor of Talavera Department Store with his superiors, the late Gemma Nicomedes and Ms. Kristine Joy Talavera.

Last July, 2015, he is now a Field Researcher of EB Research Services Corporation with office at Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila. Currently doing field interviews on various project surveys around Luzon Island covering the urban, rural areas in the GMA and provinces from upper to lower classes of people in Philippine society. Recording/taking records of honest opinions from qualified respondents.

Christian Life

During his fourth year high school, he was able to get to know about Bro. Eli Soriano and his program Ang Dating Daan via AM radio broadcast over DZRH Nationwide and DZCV Tuguegarao. The program is awarded as the most informative religious program by Gawad America Awards in 2006 and 2011. He develop his love in God's wisdom and knowledge about life, family and relationship through Bro. Eli Soriano.

He listened to indoctrination sessions under the supervision of Bro. Boy Ocampo in locale of Cauayan City, Isabela with Bro. Ronald Salcedo and Sister Yolanda Salcedo who witnessed the indoctrination. He was baptized on March 12, 2002 at 12:29 p.m. officiated by Bro. Sonny Catan in Santiago City, Isabela along with as many as 21 other members including Bro. Fernando Siyang and Sis. Marivic Siyang (from Angadanan, Isabela) who accepted the baptism in the Church.  Yabes is a member in the locale of Cauayan City that time. The religious organization taught him many good things about God and the Bible. He is now attending church services at locale of Ilagan City, Isabela. Read his testimony here.

Up to now, he is carrying a battery-powered Walkman radio to listen to the religious program. Early this February, 2013, he discovered that UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 kHz broadcasts can be heard in the province of Isabela by means of a transistor radio but with so much noise and interference.

Blood Donor

Yabes is a blood donor since the year 2005. He participated in the blood donation drives both of his religious affiliation. Here are the list of blood donations Yabes attended:

 No. of Times Date Participating AgencyLocation 
 22December, 2016
 21September 25, 2016
ADD Pasig Bayan
Pasig City, Metro Manila
 20December, 2015
ADD Pasig Bayan
Pasig City, Metro Manila
 19December 14, 2014ADD Foundation /
Isabela Provincial Hospital - Blood Bank
Ilagan City, Isabela 
 18September 22, 2014ADD Foundation /
Isabela Provincial Hospital - Blood Bank
Ilagan City, Isabela
 17June 22, 2014ADD Foundation /
Isabela Provincial Hospital - Blood Bank
Ilagan City, Isabela
 16March 16, 2014ADD Foundation / 
Isabela Provincial Hospital - Blood Bank
Ilagan City,  Isabela
15December 16, 2013ADD Foundation /
Isabela Provincial Hospital - Blood Bank
Ilagan City, Isabela
14September 22, 2013ADD Foundation / PNRCIlagan City, Isabela
13June 16, 2013ADD Foundation / PNRCIlagan City, Isabela
12March 17, 2013ADD Foundation / PNRCSantiago CIty, Isabela
11November 06, 2012Isabela Provincial HospitalIlagan City, Isabela
10June 24, 2012ADD Foundation / PNRCIlagan City, Isabela
9March 18, 2012ADD Foundation / PNRCSantiago City, Isabela
8October 06, 2011Isabela Provincial HospitalIlagan, Isabela
7March 13, 2011ADD Foundation / PNRCApalit, Pampanga
6March 13, 2010ADD Foundation / PNRCApalit, Pampanga
5January 23, 2010ADD Foundation / PNRCApalit, Pampanga
4April 11, 2009ADD Foundation / PNRCApalit, Pampanga
3January 23, 2009LGU IlaganIlagan, Isabela
2January 22, 2008LGU IlaganIlagan, Isabela
1August 28, 2005Public HospitalSantiago City, Isabela
 *expected next donation

As a violist

In July 19, 2009 he joined the fourth batch trainees of orchestra headed by the members and officers of ADD Chamber Orchestra in Apalit, Pampanga. In 2010, he was one of the musicians during the live broadcast of Songs and Praises being aired on TOP Channel via Dream Satellite. The fourth batch were graduated in May 20, 2011 including Yabes. He was under the supervision of Bro. Eric Ferrer, Bro. Norman "Bong" Rueda, Sis. Evangeline Sangbaan and Sis. Elizabeth Quintos. He was trained by Bro. Raleigh Anthony Enriquez during the course of his training. Yabes is using viola instrument, 11 inches long, a stringed instrument with an inscripted brand name Bachendorff courtesy of Sis. Rowena Villanueva, a fellow violist in the orchestra. Since May 21, 2011, he is not regularly functioning as one of the players in the orchestra.

Writings and Readings

He started writing his own diaries and planners since 2006. Aside from that, he is writing his own blogs which can be read online. He is planning to publish his own book when given the chance to do in the future. Aside from that, he loves reading books. He goes to a public library once a month. He is also a bible reader. He has a collection of bible versions such as King James Version acquired in 1999, Tagalog Bible both large and small format, and a diglot bible which he bought last April, 2007. He reads Manila Bulletin online and other various books.

Yabes stridently recommends the following books to read:

 Title of Book Author
 The BibleBy the 40 penmen 
 Acres of DiamondsRussel Conwell 
 The Art of WarSun-Tzu 
 The Book of Five RingsMusashi Miyamoto 
 On WarCarl von Clausewitz
 The PrinceNiccollo Machiavelli 
 Bartlett's Familiar QuotationsGeoffrey O'Brien/John Bartlett
 Webster's Third Unabridged DictionaryEdited by Philip Babcock Gove 
 The Forbes Book of Business QuotationsEdited by Ted Goodman
 The Complete Works of ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare 
 On AdvertisingDavid Ogilvy 
 The Sun Also RisesErnest Hemingway
 The Elements of StyleWilliam Strunk and E.B. White
 Huckleberry FinnMark Twain
 Any title by Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson

Social Networks

Before graduating his course in Information Technology, Yabes is a Wikipedian contributor since November 2, 2005 with a user page. His contributions were related to Cagayan Valley pages including his hometown Ilagan. He joined Friendster in March, 2003 but the account is no longer available. He joined Facebook in March, 2007, most probably he is one of the Filipinos who are pioneers using Facebook while most Filipinos joined the social network only in the last quarter of 2009, according to a survey. He also have an active twitter account, he sends his tweets by SMS. Yabes is both using Google and Yahoo but he is more active on the former. You can view his website historical record by clicking here.

WebsiteLink  Date Created
 Wikipedia  November 02, 2005 
 Facebook March 24, 2007
 Twitter March 08, 2008 
 Friendsterdefunct May 27, 2006