Arweb Marketing Solutions, Inc.


The company Arweb Marketing Solutions, Inc. with offices located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, sometimes have branches nearby Metro Manila like Bulacan and Pampanga provinces. It is a registered company under Philippine Laws and the Local Government where it operates. Employees use fake names and pictures of famous porn stars as a way to make sale and income by selling upgraded accounts of various dating sites. Employees get income through commissions. They are paid every week as low as 400 to 20,000 pesos and above, depending on sales one can make. Sad to say, the company don't pay taxes and never remit mandatory contributions like SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF which is required by Philippine Laws.

People who are connected with Arweb Marketing as usually making more money each by a lot of unethical standards of making money in lieu of sex. Messages are send using programs like Gmail and Hangouts. By using other photos to lure clients to push more sales by join sites that require credit cards. Mostly clients are from North Americans, Europe countries, Australia and New Zealand. A tendency to get or steal credit cards information is high or being scammed online.