Gerry Yabes in 2018

Welcome to my website!

Hello! I am a now working as a customer service to a newly launched streaming service. The company is located in BGC, Taguig City here in the Philippines. My name is Gerry Yabes, I workout in a gym everyday, do blogs, record videos and take photos. I travel a lot as much as I can by solo. I was born in Ilagan, Isabela, now a city which is located about 398 kilometers north of Metro Manila in the beautiful island of Luzon. Currently living in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Prior to working in Taguig, I worked as Quality Assurance Analyst, I always think of quality. I never stop looking for improvements in my life no matter how successful I am or not. I eliminate old practices even if it seemed to have some benefits to me at one time. I let go off of former habits. I want to be proactive as much as I can without hesitation towards my goals. I don't assume and I don't speculate. I make corrections when necessary. I let people speak up. I want to learn from other people to get new ideas on things that I can add to my routine to create continuous improvement. I always ask myself "why" to find the real reasons behind problems in life. For me, quality is freedom from deficiencies based on rework, failure results, dissatisfaction, etc. (in the sense that it relates to costs). Quality also relates to satisfaction (which translates to income). Last December 8th, 2020, I got certified as professional Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB).

I support a lot of things in life that concerns myself, my community, my country and the entire human race. I support federalism, parliamentary and the removal of the 60/40 economic restrictions which keeps the Philippines a third-world country, for more information, please visit www.correctphilippines.org. I also support in spreading the truth in terms of religious issues that concerns the soul, for more information, please visit www.mcgi.org.

How can I help you?

For some reason at some point in your life you need help (I need it, too). Simply communicate with me using the contact details I provided below. As much as I can, I will be of help to you with the following:
  • Brainstorming for a topic;
  • Cook you some food;
  • Create your personal website like this;
  • Do a chore like cleaning, washing your car, etc.;
  • Donate something I don't use anymore;
  • Drink a coffee with you;
  • Drive you around with your car;
  • Eat with you out in a restaurant;
  • Exercise in a gym;
  • Give you a massage;
  • Help you quit smoking and drinking liquors;
  • Help you with your reports (oh no!);
  • Join a focus-group discussion;
  • Listen to music;
  • Meet a new friend;
  • Offer to babysit your child;
  • Practice your English language;
  • Send a good message (online pen pals, snail mail, etc.);
  • Show some appreciation about life;
  • Talk for a while about any topic (just be there with you);
  • Take action that matters our fellowmen;
  • Teach you some Spanish words;
  • Travel with you (just make sure to cover the expenses);
  • Unlearn Filipino (based in Tagalog) language;
  • Volunteer in any charity projects like blood donation, fund-raising, etc.;
  • Walk with you for some reason;
  • Watch debates, movies, etc. and
  • Write a book based on your expertise.

Contact me:

  • Email: gerryyabes+2021@gmail.com
  • Phone: +14109341789

I support:

  • Wisdom based on the truth;
  • Federalism and parliamentary in the Philippines.