Welcome to my website

Welcome to my official website, this is my main website. Yes, I have a website because it's an interesting tool, very and quite unspectedly, useful for my work. It's become an archive and a fairly complete online portfolio, as well as offering an opportunity to write a little.

When a human becomes a set of data on website like Facebook, he or she is reduced. Everything shrinks on the Internet. I just hope that our individual character, friendships, languages, sensibility won't shrink that way.

I just started out my new website this year 2017, actually it was year 2008 when gerryyabes.com was born on the Internet. Well, you can email me directly at gerryyabes@gmail.com, SMS/Call me at +63 930 025 3284. Keep in touch!

Happy Year 2017

This year, a new chapter in career begins. When successfully passing the interview with a BPO company based in Makati, I finally entered the  industry last December 14, 2017. I was officially hired last January 7, 2017 along with 24 wave mates. Hoping with God's help, everyone will do his best to be part of the industry. Visit my blog on my experience during the training including the times meeting with the big 24 trainees. Thanks be to GOD for having a part of Alorica Family.

Hopefully, this year 2017, I can make my way to go to Brazil by April next year, with God's help. It's one way of showing my support to a man who became an instrument of knowing the truth in the bible. So see you when I see you there!

Welcome 2016!

The last two quarters of year 2015 have been more fun and exciting. I just move in to stay, to live and to work in Metro Manila for the latest chapter of my life --as Field Researcher. This year, it will be more fun, more exciting and more energy while on the move. Yet, behind this, a new better version of me will be more developed, enhanced and trained as years go by. I will try to do some blogging, which you can read later at blogs.gerryyabes.com about these experiences and so on and so forth. So keep it locked and hooked on here on my website. Keep in touch!


Read my latest blog! It's one of my passion to discuss topics of my interest. Blogging is another way to show my expertise on any subject that matters rather than putting them on my Facebook status, tweets and Instagram. Just click the link blogs.gerryyabes.com to start your reading.


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