West Contact Services, Inc


West Contact Services, Inc. is located in Makati City under the management of Alorica Philippines. It was my first BPO company that I applied for in 2016. I stayed with the company for almost six months, from January 7 to June 14, 2017. I was under the account of Comcast, a US telecom company offering cable, TV and Internet services.

My experience was great. We were 24 agents under the 226A batch at that time and most of us were new in BPO industry. We started training that lasted for two almost months. We met various trainers like Reeno Jose, Denis Jane and Rob Hugo. We also toured the production floor located at the 23rd floor.

Unforgettable lesson learned was when I lend money to another agent Jessie Co Domingo for a 500 peso but she never returned nor pay back the money. She even tried to borrow the second time but I politely declined. We were friends on Facebook but later she unfriended me for some reason that I don't know. Another once was John Carlo Abella who blocked me on Facebook for some reason I don't know.