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From my corner of the Internet, Greetings! It’s a very special collection of my thoughts, hobbies and creative attempts selected from among many others available worldwide over the internet. These are just some of the things that influence me to write when I’m in such a mood: My ideas, My passions and things I do.

You are cordially invited to visit my online abode where each nook will give you an insight into my life. So if you feel like sharing your ideas or getting connected, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. This is because this space cherishes and respects your opinion.

Remember visiting my blogs where words can flow freely like beacons of light illuminating paths of the unwary travelers. As I try my best to put down all these thoughts that flood through me quite often on paper, take this literary journey with me. On every occasion I hope you find peace, understanding or even a slight rest from the craziness in this place called cyberspace.

Stranger welcome to our wonderland of words. Let us embark on this journey together in a spirit creativity bonding discovery.

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I grew up in Ilagan, Isabela, and currently living in Taguig City, Metro Manila, with my fast-paced urban life I learned to appreciate simple things like a cup of strong black coffee without sugar and a fizzy drink at some point. But behind my love for coffee and cold drinks is something deeper; I need to be able to pay my bills on time every month.

Are you searching for flexible assistance to help grow your business? There’s no other place to go. I possess skills in copywriting, customer service, technical support, blog writing, and acting talents that are open for your short films’ scripts, reality TV programs, and theater stuff. My skills are versatile and were honed through seven years experience in the BPO industry.

Having worked in customer service and technical support roles before now has given me wide variety of knowledge and capabilities that can easily be transferred into virtual assistance field. What do I want? Reduce mundane workload on smart business owners thereby enhancing efficiency and output.

Attention to detail became second nature for me back when I was a quality assurance analyst. With the motto “continuous self-improvement”, I strive daily towards breaking bad habits while also introducing new techniques that will enhance both my personal life as well as profession objectives. Accuracy tops anything else while striving for excellence prohibits any form of assumptions.

I am used to giving utmost attention to details because of being an ex-QA analyst. My mantra is “continuous self-improvement,” which means working hard towards getting rid of old habits in order to adopt new ways of doing things that will better my career growth as well as personal development. Precision is more valuable than assumptions since this entails aiming higher rather than making wrong guesses 

Forward I go in a proactive frame of mind and never relent on my ambitions. In driving creativity and development, I value other perspectives hence am open to suggestions and team work. Why? For the reason that developing effective remedies requires one to have an understanding about the root causes of problems.

Before you exit my virtual sanctuary, know this: I understand how social media trends are constantly changing. Fear of missing out compels me to always be ahead in terms of experience so that content may be generated which is appealing to viewers. Starting from finding information to writing riveting stories, I can assist with all of it.

This site is a statement about who I am as well as an invitation for us to journey together. Get in touch with us so we can join hands towards success. Your interest motivates me into working with you; just drop me a line and let’s make it happen in unison. 


It was an absolute joy working with Gerry Yabes! His commitment and dedication to the project were palpable right from the beginning. He delivered high-quality content promptly and also provided creative thinking and innovation. What distinguishes Gerry is his professional approach as well as his keenness on smallest details. For all your writing or creative projects, I highly recommend him. 

From Edward R. of Alabama, USA

He is absolutely a professional. As our blogger and copywriter, his content has always amazed us with its originality and depth. What is striking is that he grasps the essence of our brand voice and adjusts his writing accordingly. Above all else, however, Gerry’s approach to collaboration along with his willingness to go beyond the normal make him an invaluable member of our team. 

From Ethan M. of Colorado, USA

He is absolutely a professional. As our blogger and copywriter, his content has always amazed us with its originality and depth. What is striking is that he grasps the essence of our brand voice and adjusts his writing accordingly. Above all else, however, Gerry’s approach to collaboration along with his willingness to go beyond the normal make him an invaluable member of our team. 

From Nick S. of Hawaii, USA


Please confirm your availability for this planned one-on-one meeting by using the provided booking form. There is a 30 minute duration, and it will be held via either Zoom or Google Meet and it will happen on Philippine Standard Time (GMT+8) which coincides with Australia/Perth time zone.  If you live in a different time zone, please send an email to with your request for a meeting. 

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let's make something good together

I am in favor of a number of things that matter most to me like national development, global harmony, community welfare as well as personal growth. On my side; I have an unwavering commitment towards personal development. To me personally, it is not enough to only fulfill my civic responsibilities but also strive to promote general good within my community. I am a nationalist who believes that federalism should be embraced and we should adopt parliamentary system because I envision a brighter future for my country and want to make it easier for foreign capital to flow into the country thus boosting the economy.

I support sharing the encouraging words about our Lord Jesus Christ on social media platforms. As our church goes online more often than before I still participate in its virtual activities. They include Bible Study sessions where we delve into important topics, Bible Exposition sessions where we answer questions interactively.


I am ready to work on this platform to defend and spread biblical teachings since I am truly devoted to the concerns of the truth.

Come to one of our Bible Expositions, which is one of the priceless opportunities to learn more about the Christian values, discuss, and study the Holy Scripture. These well-orchestrated exposes are touching on many different topics and offer detailed responses to basic inquiries. Thus, they enable subjects to expand their spiritual background and have more extensive knowledge. In addition, individual instruction is given in our Bible Study classes where attendees have a chance to contemplate and analyze certain sections and issues with the help of professional leaders.

Furthermore, our sessions of Mass Indoctrination provide the new born Christians and those who have been in the faith for sometime with a basic direction of their faith by introducing them to the fundamentals of Christianity. These seminars are the first progressive step for everyone who wants to become baptised or a member of the Church. They also provide current members with opportunities to rededicate themselves to living lives that are biblical. It is a real opportunity to enrich your spiritual experience and communicate with like-minded people who are on the path of faith and searching, as invitations to these enlightening meetings will be issued. 

For further information and updates, make sure to follow the MCGI Facebook page and visit


This is why I am a strong advocate of reform particularly on federalism and parliamentary systems of governance for the Philippines, knowing that I am a proud Pinay. That is why I support economic constitutional reform so persistently – I believe in the necessity of our country’s evolution and increases in foreign direct investments to enter our country. In my own conviction, the provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution are the existing cause of our country’s economic and social retardation vis-à-vis other member-ASEAN countries. 

For further insights and engagement, I encourage you to explore the CoRRECT Movement website and participate in discussions within the official Facebook group.

Passion for acting

Well, you did not misunderstand me, you heard it right when I said – Yes. That is why I have an intense love for performing. This interest I can remember was caused way back when in 2007 while browsing through a neighborhood bookshop when I stumbled over Avon Mendoza’s book “Get into Acting”. Since I was still from the province I did not have fare to attend acting classes, auditions, among other events in Metro Manila at that time. Still I was not backing down from becoming an actor.

So followed more than ten years, in July 2022, I decided to take the chance and follow my dream. Direk Cyruz TV Production is something that I have to thank for the very first important start towards the right direction. To the Philippine Educational theatrical Association (PETA), the theatrical arts course was completed in October 2023, thus, I wish to thank: As for me, these meetings have defined my career choice and development in the sphere of acting. 

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It is my pleasure to help you and contribute to the achievements of your visions and objectives in life. To work with me, you need me as your highly experienced and fully dedicated virtual executive assistant, a competent blogger, an accomplished actor, and a convincing copywriter. As such, I demonstrate diversified employment capacity along with flexible work experience that would allow me to deliver excellent results according to your specifications.

Now, let me share the main details regarding the skills and abilities that I can make use of in order to satisfy your goals and reach high achievements together. Kindly contact me so that I can explain to you how we can work together in order to get the best outcomes. I am looking forward to helping you on your journey and helping you achieve your goals. Get me right now, and together, let’s make the impossible possible. 

"Time will go on but you can't go on with time, that's why we must spend every single moment given by God in doing good works." Bro. Eli Soriano