Gerry Portales Yabes or simply Gerry Yabes, was born on October 18, 1983 in Ilagan, Isabela province,  in Cagayan Valley region of the Philippines. Born to his parents Isagani Yabes and Milagros Yabes. He has two siblings namely Mary Grace and Maila Ging.


He is currently connected to IBM Business Services Inc. with the job title as Process Innovation Professional supporting a tech giant as Payroll Processor for its entities in Mexico, Peru, and other Latin American countries. He previously supported the recruitment process of EY GDS in Malaga, Spain. He has excellent skills in the English language from minimal to neutral accent, and also a working profeciency skills in the Spanish language.


Right now, he is an indie actor for various films, television series, and theater shows in the Philippines. He got his theater arts certification from PETA Theater Center in Quezon City, Metro Manila on October 29, 2023. By clicking the button below, you will be directed to the Facebook page of Gerry Yabes.

Experienced actor

Since the year 2022, Yabes has a lot of experience in acting for stage and screen. He worked on a variety of productions, including theater plays, television series, and films.

versatile performer

He is skilled in a range of acting styles, from comedic to dramatic. Also trained in various performance techniques, including method acting and classical theatre. He always eager to take on new challenges and push himself as an actor.


My passions

He is passionate about things that he loves like:

"If you see me less, please know I am trying my best with the help of God to do more good." ---Gerry Yabes