Gerry Yabes


Welcome my official new website! My name is Gerry Yabes. I do diets and blogging, record videos and taking photos a lot of time. Before pandemic, I travel a lot as much as I can by solo. Going solo is the best for me to have my me-time.

I am currently working as a customer service for a video streaming account in Taguig City, Metro Manila. Now aiming for available opportunities in as one of the virtual assistants someday. I was previously considered a quality assurance analyst in my previous company for over a year. With that experience, I am ready for any opportunities.

I never stop looking for improvements in my life no matter how successful or not. Constantly eliminating old habits and practices even if it seemed beneficial to me at some point. I let go off of former habits. I don't assume and speculate! I want to be proactive as much as I can without hesitation towards my goals. I make corrections when necessary. I let people speak up. I want also to learn from people to get new ideas and add them to my routine for continuous improvement. I always ask my self "why" to find real reasons behind problems in life.

This this year, I am continuing to finish my degree in AB Broadcasting in 2010. I am currently taking AB Journalism at CAP College Foundation in Makati City. If you wish to connect with me, you may send your news and updates to

A place to visit in February 2023 in San Pablo City, Laguna.

While taking some break sometime in April 2023 in Bonifacio High Streen, BGC, Taguig City in Metro Manila.

Looking forward to this place in May 2023 during a visit in Antipolo City, Rizal.

let's make something good together

I support a lot of things in life that concerns myself, my community, my country and the entire human race. For myself, I support continuous improvement. For my community, not just being a good citizen but to promote common good to all. For my country which is the Philippines, I promote federalism and parliamentary form of government for a better Philippines and to open the Philippine economy for more foreign investments.

On social media, I support and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ with our church's activities being done online now. Like Bible Study for a topic, Bibile Exposition for question and answer and for Mass Indoctrination sessions to learn the pure doctrines of Christ.

The Church of God

in the bible

I support and share the truth through my social media accounts. Keep posted with our Bible Study, Bible Expositions and Indoctrination sessions and expect to be invited as well.

my country,

the Philippines

I support federalism, parliamentary form of government in the Philippines and I am also for supporting for opening our economy for more foreign investments.  Our current constitution since 1987 keeps our country in a poor state where our neighboring ASEAN countries overtaking us!

"Time will go on but you can't go on with time, that's why we must spend every single moment given by God in doing good works." ---Bro. Eli Soriano