Gerry Yabes

Welcome to my website!

Welcome my official new website! My name is Gerry Yabes. I do diets and blogging, record videos and taking photos a lot of time. Before pandemic, I travel a lot as much as I can by solo. Going solo is the best for me to have my me-time.

I am currently working as a customer service for a video streaming account in Taguig City, Metro Manila. Now aiming for available opportunities in my present company. I was previously a quality assurance analyst in my previous company for over a year. With that experience, I am ready for any opportunities.

I never stop looking for improvements in my life no matter how successful or not. Constantly eliminating old habits and practices even if it seemed beneficial to me at some point. I let go off of former habits. I don't assume and speculate! I want to be proactive as much as I can without hesitation towards my goals. I make corrections when necessary. I let people speak up. I want also to learn from people to get new ideas and add them to my routine for continuous improvement. I always ask my self "why" to find real reasons behind problems in life.

let's make something good together

I support a lot of things in life that concerns myself, my community, my country and the entire human race. For myself, I support continuous improvement. For my community, not just being a good citizen but to promote common to all. For my country which is the Philippines, I promote federalism and parliamentary form of government for a better Philippines.

On social media, I support and share the good news of our Lord with our church's activities being done online now. Like Bible Study for a topic, Bibile Exposition for question and answerm and for Mass Indoctrination sessions to learn the pure doctrines of Christ.

The Church of God

in the bible

I support and share the truth through my social media accounts, particulary on my Facebook account. Keep posted with our Bible Study, Bible Expositions and Indoctrination sessions!

my country,

the Philippines

I support federalism and parliamentary form of government in the Philippines. Our current form keeps our country in a poor state where our neighboring ASEAN countries keep overtaking us!