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Hello and a warm welcome to my website's favourite music section! I am Gerry Yabes, very much pleased to be sharing this passion of mine in music with you. Here are some of those favorite songs, albums, and musicians that set me going in fine-tuning my listening skills in music. From timeless classics to modern tunes, hope you like my choices as much as I did. Whether you just want to discover new music or simply go back in time, there is something here for everybody. Enjoy, and I would very much appreciate it if possible for you to give comments and hints. Let's speak the language understood by the people all over the world—music!

Get ready to groove and brighten up your mood moving to the rhythm of upbeat songs that will get you grooving in no time. Get lost in Hispanic diversified rhythms. Feel every beat, whether you have fun or are interested in learning English and Spanish with some really cool tunes. A little something for everybody is found here.

Join in the celebration of music and the beauty of bilingualism! Enjoy the upbeat melodies. Appreciate the Assets of Cultures, and allow these very songs to guide you on your way to learn a language. The playlist is a perfect companion to have fun at your education—the best of both worlds. 

Explore My Musical Journey.

Here is a large list of some songs that I fairly like of all type and from different periods. There are rocks that gives a soothing voice to my music collection, the steady sounds of pop, the complex melodies of jazz and the strong lyrics of hip-hop. All of the songs have a close to me, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Discover New Tunes

Possibly one of the most fun aspects of music is ending up discovering new anthems or units to appreciate. I have created the playlists and recommended songs that I think can lead you to some of the songs you never know exists. Picking up the mood, tone, or just something to follow you through your day, you should find it in this selection. 

Join the conversation

Music is recognized as an international language that everyone understands. I invite you to comment on these files: type the thoughts, some memories, and recommendations that can be helpful for others. Thus we can build a friendly and active community of people who are interested in the music they listen to, who can put forward their favorite tunes, argue the merits of an album or an artist and share with each other new music they have listened to and liked. 

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This upbeat playlist is marked by music with an overall bright speed, rhythm, and mood. The playlist includes generally fast or moderate tempo, pleasant melody, and light or cheerful lyrics. It tends to elicit much happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism. It is linked to many genres of music such as pop, dance, funk, and other forms of rock and electronic music. It is also used in cheering souls up, boosting audiences, and eliciting emotions of excitement and festivity. You will surely enjoy this playlist. Oh, what a delight!


My favorite Spanish songs are performed by such a wide spectrum of performers who span across the world. Each tune and line is constantly eliciting strong emotional responses in me, bringing me to so many places and times. The songs are full of passion, flamenco-like in intensity, and tender bolero-like compositions that epitomize Hispanic culture. In each song, I feel the nostalgia, delight, and appreciation for this language and thus its music. Each song can plunge any person into a relentless emotional journey of inspiration and change of realignment with oneself! 

KDR Music and lyrics

Stream and listen the KDR Music and Lyrics. A collection of two volumes which you'll definitely enjoy an array of original compositions along with lyrics from across the wide spectrum of very talented artists from the Members Church of God International (MCGI).

The playlist includes styles and numbers, from inspirational to uplifting and entertaining. With each song, you get to feel that kind of creation and expression from within that unmistakably comes from deep within the talented musicians at MCGI. From soulful ballads through energetic anthems to reflective melodies, KDR Music takes you on a worthwhile musical journey to celebrate the magic of songwriting, proving that music's power can bind and move all of us.

So turn it on and discover the amazingly colorful world KDR Music has in store for you today.

Live performances

Know the beat of live music with KDR Music House, where every performance goes beyond the ordinary into an event. These live shows are not merely concerts; rather, an experience—sensation event deeply relating to the audience. Right from the first note, you are oriented within a world where creativity and passion show through.

Letters from june

Well, if it is KDR Music House—live, every performance transcends the ordinary to be an event. These live presentations are much more than concerts. Rather, they are immersive experiences for the senses and profoundly resonate with the audience. From the first note, you will be plunged right in the middle of a world where creativity and passion shine bright in our performers.

"Knowing a person is like listening to music. What attracts us to them is their melody. As we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics" Author unknown