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Born on October 18, 1983, in the bustling town of Ilagan, in the province of Isabela in the Philippines' Cagayan Valley, was Gerry Portales Yabes, better known by his stage name Gerry Yabes. This area, renowned for its stunning scenery and rich cultural legacy, offered Gerry's early years a supportive environment.

Isagani and Milagros Yabes raised their three children with a strong sense of community and family values. Gerry is one of their children. Gerry grew up in a close-knit family that valued education, hard work, and support from one another, along with his two siblings, Mary Grace and Maila Ging. Gerry's character and goals were greatly influenced by these ideals and familial ties. 

Gerry's sisters, Mary Grace and Maila Ging, have played a significant role in his life, each contributing their special talents and viewpoints to the family dynamic. Gerry's varied career path and his unwavering dedication to his professional pursuits have been impacted by the Yabes siblings' profound respect for the arts, culture, and community service, which they developed under their parents' supervision.

Gerry's parents, Isagani and Milagros Yabes, played a significant role in creating a loving atmosphere that promoted learning and curiosity. Gerry was given the confidence to follow his talents and investigate different career options by their consistent support and guidance, which eventually helped him succeed in industries like acting, blogging, copywriting, and executive assistance. 

All things considered, Gerry Yabes's early years in Ilagan, where he was surrounded by his loving family, provided a strong basis for his varied career. His upbringing's principles and experiences have shaped and motivated him throughout his career, and he is steadfast in his commitment to achieving greatness in all he does. 


After working for IBM Business Services Inc., Gerry Yabes gained tremendous expertise and knowledge that he currently uses in his position as an executive assistant. Gerry held the job of Process Innovation Professional at IBM, which came with a lot of responsibility and called for a high degree of proficiency in a variety of business processes. His main responsibility was to support Google's activities in Latin America, which included Peru and Mexico, where he was instrumental in the payroll processing. This position required not only a thorough awareness of payroll systems and compliance, but also the capacity to precisely and efficiently manage intricate procedures. 

Gerry helped in the hiring process for EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) in Malaga, Spain, in addition to his work with Google. His participation in this project demonstrated his adaptability to various business settings and specifications. In the hiring process, Gerry's responsibilities included finding candidates, conducting interviews, and liaising with hiring supervisors. These duties all called for a high level of organization and precision. 

The ability to speak multiple languages is one of Gerry's best traits. His remarkable fluency in Spanish has been invaluable in his professional capacities, especially when it comes to aiding businesses operating throughout Latin America. He can converse with native speakers in Spanish with ease and effectiveness thanks to his mild to neutral accent, which promotes greater comprehension and cooperation. Furthermore, Gerry has excellent English language skills, which further improves his capacity to operate in global and multicultural environments. 

Gerry is a very productive executive assistant because of his background at IBM and his language skills. In his current position, he offers a rare blend of technical expertise, process management abilities, and cultural competency. His experience guarantees that he can competently and efficiently manage a broad variety of operational and administrative responsibilities. With his broad skill set and experience, Gerry can help senior executives, manage communications, or coordinate complicated projects with ease. 


As an independent actor, Gerry Yabes is currently making a name for himself in the Philippine entertainment business by exhibiting his talent and adaptability on a variety of venues. He has portrayed a number of characters in theater, television, and film, receiving praise for his energetic performances and commitment to the medium. The wide range of roles he has played demonstrate his dedication to the acting profession; each character he has played brings a distinct tale to life and captivates audiences with his sincerity and emotional range. 

On October 29, 2023, Gerry obtained his theater arts accreditation from the esteemed PETA Theater Center in Quezon City, Metro Manila, marking a key turning point in his acting career. This accreditation represents a major step forward in his professional development and is a testament to his abilities and education. Gerry's acting abilities have been further enhanced by the advanced techniques and deeper understanding of performing arts he has received from the PETA Theater Center, which is renowned for its high standards and proficiency in theater arts education. 

As a result of his participation in multiple performances, Gerry's standing and career in the Philippine theatrical industry have grown. Through his television performances, he has been able to reach a wider audience and showcase his versatility in storytelling genres. In the meantime, he has been able to explore intricate characters and narratives thanks to his work in film, which has demonstrated his variety and depth as an actor. 

You can follow Gerry Yabes on Facebook to learn about his journey and to keep up with his most recent endeavors and performances. Click this link to see the official Facebook page of Gerry Yabes. Updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and insights into his current work are available here as he continues to leave his impact on the Philippine entertainment industry. 

Experienced actor

Since 2022, Yabes has dedicated herself entirely to the performing arts, amassing a lot of experience in both theater and cinema performance. His diverse array of items showcases his adaptability and skill across multiple mediums. Yabes has made a lasting impression on audiences with his captivating performances and nuanced character portrayals in a variety of media, including captivating theatrical plays, TV series, and movies. 

His ability to play a range of roles and convey complex emotions on stage has enthralled audiences. His imposing presence and fervent acting have given characters life. His ability to deliver fascinating performances each night and his dedication to the art form have won him fame and appreciation for his work in theatrical productions.

Yabes has shown his flexibility and range in the film and television industries by transferring between roles with ease. Whether she is engrossing viewers in large-scale parts in blockbuster films or portraying complicated characters in personal dramas, Yabes's captivating performances captivate audiences of all ages. 

With each new project, he challenges his abilities and forces himself to try out new characters, genres, and narrative tacks. His passion for performing and dedication to honing his art have solidified his reputation as a talented and adaptable actor, poised to have a significant impact on the entertainment business for many years to come.

versatile performer

Yabes can effortlessly transition from serious to comedic roles, showcasing her versatility as an actor in a range of genres. His wide range enables him to represent characters with depth and reality, evoking everything from melancholy to joy and everything in between. 

He has received training in a variety of performance techniques, including method acting and classical theater, and he brings a wealth of experience and talent to every role he takes on. Because of his training, he is able to go deeply into the minds of his characters, which lends subtlety, complexity, and emotional depth to his performances. 

Being a self-taught actor, he is constantly seeking new challenges to advance his career and push the boundaries of his abilities. He brings curiosity, creativity, and dedication to every project, whether he is exploring new narrative techniques or diving into the intricacies of character development.

Because of his unwavering commitment to excellence and pursuit of artistic growth, he never stops engaging audiences and garnering plaudits for his dynamic and fascinating performances. With his talent, passion, and unwavering commitment to his craft as an actor who never stops improving, he is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and inspiring others. 


My passions

He channels his passion into various endeavors, including:

"If you see me less, please know I am trying my best with the help of God to do more good." Gerry Yabes